my creative space – 3 daisy flowers card

i love snail mail.  I’ve made all my handmade cards are blank for your special message, that way you can keep a pile of cards on hand for any occasion.  Just expanded my range of flower cards.  Florals are pretty much universal i think, great for birthday, sympathy, saying hello, sorry, i love you, miss you, thanks, congrats…

Here is 3 daisies in forget-me-not-blue and below is 3 daisies in petal purple. Note the background is a page from a vintage botanical text.

The classic 3 daisies in sandy beige with handpunched flowers from a vintage dictionary is still popular.  So now you can buy the three 3 daisy cards as a set from rockmelon on etsy.

I’ve reorganized my rockmelon etsy shop so you can now order mixed sets of 3 or 5 handmade cards.  That’s right, any 3 or any 5 of my recycled, remnant and vintage cards, just convo me when you pay with your choices.  What do you think?  Will this be useful to buyers?  I’d love some feedback.

I’m also bursting with a new range that is 90% developed and i hope to release next week… here’s a sneak peek.

See others being creative here


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