just the two of us

We celebrated 16 years of marriage this weekend by going away, just the two of us.  Thanks friends for expanding your family circle for us and thanks kids for not tearing up , not even a little when we drove off without you.  These feet have walked many miles together, joyful dancing at weddings, trekking around Uluru, over the threshold of 8 family homes (yes he carried me over all 8), through heart breaking funerals, up and down countless hallways at 1pm to settle crying babies, behind pulpits preaching ones heart out and my favourite; miles and miles of salty beaches, wind in our hair, heels tossing sand, hearts and hands connected… i love walking through life with you, happy anniversary.

Kirra was beautiful not too touristy, and so close to the beach, we sat on the verandah all afternoon, talking, reading, planning, eating and drinking (water, see 2 of 12 for 2012).  One of my favourite things about being away is putting on a dress, heels and eating out, just the two of us. 

The maitre’d at Beaches on Kirra made us a special mocktail to go with our Turkish bread, pesto and hommus dips, then we were served crispy salmon with noodles and steamed vegetables… (i eat salmon every time we eat out without exception and the salmon at Beaches on Kirra was magnificent!!!!)…

But the dessert was the special-est of all… They found out we were celebrating our wedding anniversary and presented us with this complementary chocolate masterpiece.  (Yes i broke 2 of 2012 but my naturopath says 80% for your health, 20% for your soul.  Tonight was all soul.)

i am happy.

If i had all the feet in the world to choose from, these two feet of mine would walk up the aisle to meet up with your two feet, every time.




4 thoughts on “just the two of us

  1. Seaweedandraine says:

    Awww. Congratulations guys! You are two incredibly terrific people, and we love you to bits. I think it’s brilliant that restaurant staff found you out – makes it just a bit more special. We shared Barramundi and Eggplant Rattatouille for our 10th just before Christmas – sans kids (First date out without them!). Dancing through life with your best friend is awesome isn’t it?
    S xox


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