a bit of a rummage

rockmelon went to the Suitcase Rummage on Sunday, a blistering hot delightfully sunny day. It was soooo hot i had to buy an umbrella to stay cool enough to cope, surprised how much the shade from a $3 purple swirly umbrella helped, though i ended up slightly sun-kissed.

 i had lovely neighbours, i had long chats with Mikaela and met the delightful Laura from Laura J Designs.  She had the sweetest beaded  head band for sale.  I went to her website to ping a pic of it here but it is not pictured, but below is one  just as delightful.

The thing is, i go to the markets to sell things not buy things so i didn’t even dare to pick the headband up in case i accidentally bought it. I need to confess though, that at the end of Suitcase Rummage there are always sellers have $1 or $2 clothing sales… so i bought a pair of  jeans, a skirt and  a cute dress for my 14-year-old and a shirt for me, total spent $6!!! I pulled the shirt out of the suitcase and said to the stall holder ‘How much do you want for this?’  She said

 ‘Make me an offer.’  So i said

 ‘How about $1?’ i expected her to barter back and forwards but instead she said


 At the end of the day when the car was lovingly unloaded by my 3 wonderful  kids, hubby and i sat on the deck in lounge chairs, drank icy ginger  beer and watched the sunset over the ocean (ok so i made the ocean bit up, but the rest is true)… ah Sunday i love you! 


One thought on “a bit of a rummage

  1. Seaweedandraine says:

    I’m crushing on that headband. I don’t actually wear them, but my niece does (she even wore a gorgeous sparkely one to her wedding!!!).
    It sounds like you had a wonderful day – what bargains you scored out of it (not the sunbun though! lol)
    Have a great week!
    S xox


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