my creative space – job chart

sometimes i carry  a list of   creative tasks around in my head for months, they’re not pressing but are jobs i want to do sometime…. why is it that the sometime tasks never seem to get done?  This week i tackled one sometime task: to make a new jobs chart.  Ever since our kids were able (about three yeras old) they have helped out around the home in an age appropriate way.  I keep things organized by using a job chart.

When we wake them in the morning the first one into the kitchen is expected to read aloud the days jobs so everyone can hear (ie so mum and dad can nag them when they don’t do their task).  We have had a jobs chart for about 9 years now so helping out around the home has become a culture, we often say “Let’s all tackle the work so then we can all go and do our own thing” or “a family is a team, let’s get the job done together.”

Yesterday i upcycled a daggy old clip board made from masonite (an environmental choice did you know, as it is made from recycled and compressed sawdust and ‘good glues’).  I thought having the clip as a hook would be handy for hanging in the kitchen, and it is.

i tied a scrap of fabric to the metal clipboard hook, stuck a removable plastic hook upside down in my cupboard and voila, it now lives in a place where we can all see it, yet small people can access and change the chart without adult help.

 The scrapbooking paper i used to cover the clipboard matches our kitchen so well!

 Each of the kids have two jobs to do, so i used some scrapbooking paper which had ornate frames on them, printed off 2 pics of each of the kids and stamped their name on them.  I also laminated the picture frames as the jobs get changed frequently.  This project cost me nothing as i pulled everything from my stash, love projects like that!

On the back i used velcro dots.  We assign jobs that are for the week and then the other job is rotated daily.  We believe in preparing our kids to be well for life and all its challenges.  I am preparing them to be competent cooks, tidy, responsible flatmates and spouses.  We are shaping the next generation.

When my kids hit 13 they take on preparing the family meal one night a week.  For a few months they require help, then they go for it.  My eldest daughter has even cooked for guests if we entertain on her assigned night.  My kids also vacuum their room every week and numerous tasks such as mowing, dusting, ironing and  cleaning the toilet and bathroom.  With all this help you’d think i would have plenty of time to craft, but alas, my biggest complaint about homeschooling is that we are at home all the time so the house looks incredibly lived in most of the time.  But… one day the nest will be empty, relatively clean and quiet and i will miss their mess, but get lots of crafting done.

Oh and here is the old-really-needed-replacing  jobs chart… it’s falling apart, it goes camping with us and has travelled  half way around Australia.  Think i’ll keep it for camping but otherwise it can enjoy its retirement.

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3 thoughts on “my creative space – job chart

  1. marie-nicole says:

    That’s a fantastic idea Rochelle. We’ve had a task list for our eldest in our last house, now that he just knows his tasks we’ve not used it here… in saying that though our little munchkin is starting to reach an age where he too can have allocated tasks, at the moment he just helps his big brother or us with what we’re doing. But I really like your idea, I may have to make one for our family too! We too consider our family a team with everyone contributing to the daily tasks that are just a necessity of day to day living… teaching you children to grow up to be independent self sufficient adults is one of our goals.


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