celebratin’ bein’ aussie

We Aussies are proud of our sunburnt country, our larrikinisms, our way of eating and our laid back lifestyle… and Australia Day wouldn’t be Australia Day without a BBQ with friends.

It was predicted to  rain all day and then thunderstorm but oh happy day, it was only overcast.  So we BBQ-ed on our deck, watched the kids play water balloon  ‘volleyball’ (water balloons thrown over a rope using a tea towel held between partners) and throw waterbombs at each other for hours (boys against girls until a few of the younger girls ‘betryed their gender’ and joined the other side) ate well and talked and talked until almost dusk.  Perfect day with new friends and old friends.

This is the hat that i wore all day with my red and white dress.  I put it on as a joke at first and my teenager said immediately “Oh, take it off Mum!”  So of course that was the irresistible invitation to look daggy in front of my kids and their friends and i grasped it with both hands and wore it all day much to their horror.  Ha ha i love being at the age and stage where fashion is all about comfort and what i like and not about what other people think.  I think i’ll start a new tradition for Australia Day!

And in keeping with number 2 of 12 i drank sparkling water all day except for 1/2 glass of fizzy and ate fruit for dessert except for two small pieces of Rocky Road (thanks Julie).

PS if you are buying cheap $2 aussie bunting from those nasty $2 shops (shame on me), i’d try ironing them on a low heat before you hang them… i tried spraying them with water and my son had the big idea of pegging a peg on the bottom of them to uncurl them but neither idea worked.

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