glorious books

The feast of Lifeline’s bi-annual Bookfest (second hand book sale extraordinaire) was my joy twice this week… and my kids and i now need new book shelves, and my shoulders need a massage from lugging bags of heavy books  … hee, hee.

i chose some books that were damaged or very worn to use for craft.  I love using vintage dictionaries and sheet music especially so i have stocked up well, tomorrow i sit at my craft desk and play.  One of my latest projects was repainting my daughters bedside table and doing  a little vintage dictionary decoupage.  This little table was left to us from a friend (thanks Leah) and since Nat’s bed is white, it needed a paint job.

Here is a peek inside the drawers that i have decoupaged with pages from a vintage dictionary. 

I chose pages that would interest her, guess who’s horse mad?

One of my favourite furniture repurposer’s marie nicole has a wonderful decoupage tutorial that is sure to inspire you.

This is the before shot, just for interest…

and here is the bedside table next to Nat’s bed, her bookcases stuffed full of books and this photo was taken before the bookfest….


2 thoughts on “glorious books

  1. Lea says:

    This is such a cute little bedside table. I have so many things waiting for a paintjob. I love how you put so much thought into the pages taht are lining the drawers. So sweet.


  2. Seaweedandraine says:

    Great job on the the table Roc! Bet Nat loves the decoupage in the drawers! B2 and I have just finished a little paint job today too… will have to take some photos of it all when it’s assembled. 🙂


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