more Paris

when friends travelled to Paris in December i asked them would they please, please send me a postcard.  Unfortunately as fate would have, the post office was closed the day they were there so the post card was hand passed to me upon their return, with love.  When i got home i whipped off the paper bag packaging and found 3 delights.

1)  a lovely postcard from the lovely Paris,   2) a photo graciously printed of the Eiffel Tower (where my husband is taking me one day  and where we will kiss passionately from the top under a starry Parisian night sky) and   3) a tourist map of Paris!!! Yippee, love it, thanks so much Michael and Chantelle. Now, what to do, what to do with my map…

Maybe i’ll turn it into some more special handmade envelopes for the markets like these Vintage maps of London handmade envelopes.

Bow Ties and Bliss has many clever ideas for maps including: these map heart garland hangers, 

and these paper rose bouquets made from maps,  sooooooo stunning!

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