vintage bunting

Scraps make great quilts i’m told, but as i am yet to venture into  the world of quilting (maybe one day), scraps make great bunting too.  Here is one in delicious pinks and purplely hues,

and this one is in classic blues and white.

These two bunting are handmade from recycled, remnants and vintage fabrics: a pair of pyjamas, op shopped remnants, vintage sheets and the odd pillow case.  They both are approximately 4 metres long and have 21 flags. It’s been raining so i can’t hang them to photograph them, hope to share more pics soon!

For more inspirational handmade bunting pop over to these blogs: merry go round or Lushlee, they are fabulous!

For more details on rockmelon’s recycled, remnant and vintage bunting visit: rockmelon on Etsy.


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