hessian coffee sack seat

Coffee sacks are not to difficult to come by (try Reverse Garbage), i just had not had a need to buy one before now.  This is what i have done with my fair trade (Rainforest Alliance) hessian coffee sack: upholstered a seat that was in dire need of a face lift.

My son says it’s a little scratchy to sit on but he is a little sensitive to things like that, tags in clothing etc,  it hasn’t been scratchy to me.

Here it is where it is currently living, where i can admire it daily and pat myself on the back for being clever LOL.  It is a flip top seat that has storage underneath.  This is what the seat used to look like, I upholstered it in 2007:

Tips to working with hessian coffee sacks: they fray, they leave little hessian bits on you as you work with it (you can use a razor to shave the finished product to make it smooth), making neat corners is a little challenging due to its thickness, but overall a great experience well worth it, very happy with the result.

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