Seems fitting to have twelve goals for 2012, so here goes. 

1) Learn to crochet: Three amazing people inspire me to this goal, Seaweed and Raine, Sammy’s Secret and my SIL Ruth.

2) Eat for Health: Reduce sugar intake, increase raw fruit and vegies, increase water, eat more from our garden.

4) Get serious about my handmade business; rockmelon: get a website, develop a more professional presence, list more on etsy, attend markets regularly.

4) Buy something handmade every month: even though i can probably make most anything myself, i want to support other handmade businesses, particularly locals and buy their gorgeous wares to encourage and support.

5) 100% Ethical Fashion for myself:  fair trade, recycled and handmade; sew, knit & crochet.  Currently the entire family is on 80% ethical fashion.  If i had more time to op shop and hand make i would attempt 100% ethical for the five of us.

6) Sketch and paint more:  Complete 1 drawing, collage or painting every month.

7) Begin to learn some French:  Keeping motivated for hubby’s and my trip to France.

8) Read 3 books a month:  Yes, i’m a fast reader.

 9) buy a house.

In 2011 i succeed in 7 out of 11 so rather than despair i am rolling 3 of them over into 2012 to try again.

 10)  learn to touch type! I know, how can any female under 40 get through school and Uni and have never learned to touch type? The short answer is doing other subjects much more interesting such as Woodwork and Tech Drawing. Oh, and because i can hen peck pretty fast with 4 fingers so i have never bothered.

11)  Finish my book and send my manuscripts off to an editor or publisher (in fact anyone who will read them).  I have 2 children’s books written, a book of spiritual dramas and an unfinished book in progress (spiritual) just sitting around…

12)  get our wedding photos into a wedding album! 15 years of bliss and we still have our photos in a dodgy album from the photographer and nothing enlarged and up on walls, shame on me.
 My successes for 2011

open an etsy store. tick.

exercise 3 times a week. tick.  I struggled with this in winter but am adamant to keep going.

have a coffee-ish drink with hubby 4 times a week. tick.

 make my own bread. tick.


be frugal. tick.

blog 3 times a week. tick.

try a new recipe every fortnight! tick.  Succeeded mostly.

Change starts with me.  I’m not worried about making resolutions or setting goals.  I’m not worried about if i fail, if i fall down, i get up again because nothing will keep me down.  Setting goals or writing lists helps me to stay focussed and encourages me to lean forwards in the anticipation of succeeding.   Bring on the rest of this gorgeous new year, i just might succeed!  I’ve been toying with this post since Jan 1 but inspired by We Like to make Stuff, i am posting it tonight.

9 thoughts on “twelve

  1. Hoo Sze Ling says:

    Sounds like a plan!!!

    I, on the other hand, er .. will wait until 23 January. Which is the first day of Chinese New Year and the year of the Water Dragon commences!! (Luckily I’m Chinese coz I’m not ready to deal with the Gregorian calendar yet!) 🙂


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