$3 a day challenge – final day

As we shopped for our $3 a day challenge i over shopped, i know that now, i was scared we’d starve or we’d fail. The  pictures below are what we started with.   I bought 10 kg rice (we ate 4 kg), 8 kg flour (we ate 6 kg), i bought 2 kg rolled oats (we ate 1 kg), 1kg weet bix (we ate 700 g)  and i bought 1.75 kg of powdered milk (we used only 900 g because none of us liked it).  That’s all we have left over, also 4 small carrots and a sprinkle of red lentils, we could’ve gone a few more days after all. 

We made a dent in our garden with the produce we ate also. I don’t have a pantry after shot as it’s raining and i couldn’t get a good shot with our crappy camera.

What have we learned?  Gratitude is now embedded deeper into our souls, we are determined to use more from our garden, we will try and keep food simpler, i so appreciate whole grains (so sick of white bread, rice and pasta), i can live without coffee and chocolate (my craving was actually salted nuts), and we can make a difference, change starts with us!

Today the kids had red lentil Dahl for breakfast and Naan bread!  Love leftovers! 

Pasta for lunch was a delectable change from rice!  (Yes, that is cheese.  We traded in our excess  powdered milk and rice for a piece of fruit each and a sprinkle of cheese on our pasta!)

For tea with our rice and vegies i tried to make ginger cordial to go with our soda water (from our Soda Stream), but even though i used the last of the sugar it wasn’t sweet.  Oh well it was a tingle on the tongue!  Surprised everyone with a single piece of chocolate each because after all, Friday night family tradition is Chocolate Night. And thus ends our week of poverty awareness and gratitude of what we have.  We are determined to do it every year… remembering Africa.  I am also sick of seeing well fed children from charities of children in poverty.  Here’s a reality check picture.

And did anyone cheat?  Yep, one child forgot and ate a lolly, and one child couldn’t resist and ate a lolly, we all had a giggle over dinner and confession.  And I cheated by adding a little honey to our store when we got low and used an onion that wasn’t alloted for the week!  So proud of our family.

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