$3 a day challenge – day 4

Day 4 of a boring breakfast because of our $3 a day challenge, had 4 weet bix, 1/2 banana, sultanas, honey and powdered milk.  Only one more day to go!

 Went to the garden for lunch and found a zucchini,  tomatoes, pink silver beet and purple King Beans, the beans are our first bean picking, ate one straight off the vine as we garden organically- i heart fresh picked vegies.

Unbelievably, when i cooked the beans they went green!!! i was so looking forward to eating purple beans.

Made Naan bread to go with our Red Lentil Dahl a family favourite and a dish i have been looking forward to all week.  Hubby cooked the Naan on the BBQ, thanks so much!  Can you eat Naan bread for breakfast?

Found the wheat i harvested from here and thought i’d thresh it and eat it.  Got out a tea towel and the rolling-pin.  Was harder than it looks separating the grains from the stalk and i didn’t get to finish it… tomorrow.




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