$3 a day challenge – day 3

Africa you are on my heart!  3 days down only two more to go of our $3 a day challenge.  Found myself at the pantry cupboard today looking with longing at all the forbidden foods in the top and bottom shelves.  Oh, just for a handful of peanuts… I have put our rations for the week all on one shelf and everything else is off-limits, to my knowledge no one has cheated which is amazing as we made gingerbread houses. The house smelled amazing and ahhh, all those lollies and no one to lick the beaters… but we did it, all five of us, so proud of our kids.

 Fried rice for lunch with onion, carrots  from the shop, zucchini, pink silverbeet and cabbage from our garden with 2 delicious scrambled free range eggs.  Disappointed that the crows got the other 3 eggs before we did.

For dinner the last of the potatoes were baked by my 14 year old daughter (who cooks every Wednesday) and topped with our last tins of baked beans and sautéed grated carrots.  Divine meal cooked with a lot of love.

We have three children of our own so we decided to adopt three children from India and send them to boarding school though Asian Aid.   We receive reports from their school and the loveliest letters in disjointed English, in the neatest handwriting.  We treasure each note and drawing.

Meet Manoj, he is 2 days younger than our son.  We have been sponsoring him for about 5 years now.  He is 5 foot 6 and has the most handsome smile.  He attends a Christian boarding school and says he wants to become a Church Pastor.  His teacher’s comments on his report card say ‘He is a good boy.’

Meet Monika, she is only 8 and her father has left her to be raised by her mother who works as a servant where she earns little income and struggles to survive financially.

Meet Sarina  who is the same age as our eldest daughter with her birthday in the same month.  She wrote ‘ We all liked your pictures [family photo] you all look so beautiful and happy with smiling faces.   I like staying in hostel here.  I have friends.  I like going to church.’

Grateful for 3 children who have two parents who love them, care for all their needs and whatever wants we can afford and think suitable.  We are blessed.  Full of joy in fact.

 Are we making a difference?  Yes, to those three young people we are world changers, you should be one too.





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