unopened letter

i found an unopened envelope, sealed with sticky tape, addressed to myself and my sister.  In my handwriting are the words in loud capitals: DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 1.1.92.  The envelope is dated 1991,  I was 18.

My sister and i went out for coffee and i brought the unopened envelope along so we could open it together.  Neither of us remembered the envelope, the letters it contained nor writing them.

I slit the envelope open with my car key and out tumbled two letters, a profile if you like that each of us had written about ourselves, my sister was 13.  We had  many giggles as we reminisced.

Here’s a fragment from my letter: “Right now i am tired, sweaty, impatient, stinky and hairy, (my legs that is).” Profound huh? LOL.

i list 10 favourite songs starting with ‘The Love Shack’ by the B52’s, ‘Jukebox in Siberia’ by Skyhooks and the instrumental ‘Lily was Here; by David A. Stewart (which i still love), Janet Jackson’s ‘Blackcat’ and ‘Escapade’ (no idea how either song goes now), Madonna’s Justify my Love’, ‘Kiss’ by Tom Jones and ‘Every Rose has its Thorn’ by Poison… my how tastes change.  I note most songs i chose are about love and unrequited love.  i also note a lot of the songs were connected to  my ‘Crush’ at the time.  These days i’m happily married and i listen mostly to inspirational Christian artists like Steven Curtis Chapman, Chris Tomlin, Chris Rice and EP.


Out of the 14 friends i list in my letter, i count only 2 as friends today and have a casual facebook relationship with only several others.  I guess sometimes we have friends for but a season of life and other times friends are for keeps.  I am so grateful for my forever friends.

i listed my hobbies as: hat collecting (i still l0ve/wear lots of  hats), coin collecting (lost some when we were robbed), postcard collecting (still going strong), business card collecting (i used to have a collection of hundreds which after 10 years went into the recycling bin), jogging (yeah, only up to the boyfriends house and back), staying up all night (still love to stay up late) and music.  Hmm, that was back before craft and thrifting became my obsession/hobby.


Then i read what i wrote of the guy i had  a massive crush on/relationship with, and i reflect with sadness of many wasted years on  a guy who i became obsessed with, yet he was  unfaithful, unavailable emotionally, uncommunicative and uncommitted.  What was i thinking???  My first experience at ‘love’ ended with a massively broken heart, yet i was also empowered.  I was the one who walked away and i was the one who made a list of ideal traits in  a lifelong partner and i was the one who determined not to settle for mediocre ever again.  And i didn’t! Shortly after my heartbreak i met the man of my dreams, the man i married, my soul mate and best friend. (picture below is our first Christmas, i was 21)

Ah, great to remember the past, to reflect and ponder…  What is greater is: being where i am now, secure in who i am and OUTRAGEOUSLY HAPPY!

 I think i’ll write my 18 year old self a letter… that should be interesting.



2 thoughts on “unopened letter

  1. Catherine says:

    Oh what fun that would have been to read that letter. I had heaps of letters that I kept in an old biscuit tin but when I moved out of home I threw them out sadly. I remember a lot of those songs you mentioned, we must be close in age:) Ahh reminiscing is fun isn’t it.


  2. Romi I. E. Foster. says:

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