travelogue 4 – sydney to crowdy head

We hit Sydney incognito, snuck in and out without seeing friends, sorry Sara, Sheree, Sharona and the rest of you all… we really wanted to see everyone but only had a quick stop to see Grandma and Richard, Garath & Carmel,  such a joy to spend time with you all!

Spent a fab day at the Maritime museum with Grandma, watched lots of school kids with clip boards in hand and teachers supervising… love the home school advantage.  We learned heaps and had lots of lively discussions without taking tiresome notes.

The high light was the tour of the duyfken which is a replica of the first european boat to discover Australia.  It is amazing that such a small vessel would last at sea, would love to spend some time on her while she is at sea.  And why are ships always she and not he?  John Shedd wrote this quote that has impacted me over the years: “A ship is safe in the harbour, but that’s not what ships are for.” Relate anyone?

The sailors slept in shifts as there is not enough room for the crew to sleep all at once.  It traded spices which were worth more than gold in its hold, guarded by a policeman.  To understand the worth of the spices, a single handful of spice if sold would be enough to buy a house.

This exquisite hourglass had enough sand in it for one watch.  As they would change shifts they turn the hourglass over, it was so beautiful! I believe it still functions today.  We have a friend Gary who is the Captain of this ship when it sails, he sails tall ships all over the world, so great to know that the ancient craft of sailing has not died out.

We dragged ourselves up the lighthouse and took this pic is remember our engagement, we went for a beautiful dinner that the Sydney Centrepoint Tower restaurant the night he proposed to me!  Sigh!  Love him more 15 years later… Photo credit to our eldest daughter.

We also toured the Destroyer HMAS Onslow and the Submarine the HMAS Vampire, (Kids felt a little claustrophobic in the sub, but we were all blown away by the periscopes.)  History is so interesting when you can touch and hear its stories.  This delightful picture of our Queen was on the Onslow and i couldn’t resist a pic.

Next stop was Crowdy Head National Park, we camped as close to the beach as we could and enjoyed the kangaroos (alot had joeys in their pouch) who hung around the camper.  Love going to sleep listening to the waves crash, my ultimate house would be that close to the beach!

Walked along the beach in our pyjamas the next morning, just because we could and enjoyed flying watching Brad teach our eldest to fly the kite.   (brand new $5 at the OP shop, yay)

The water was freezing, everyone went swimming except me, i just walked and had some soul time.


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