hessian coffee bag project

Since recycle, remnant and vintage is my motto, we tripped to Reverse Garbage last week and my daughter spotted this rainforest alliance hessian coffee bag that i pounced on.

Perfect for a little furniture restoration project i have started.

This bench seat is in our home school room, it was rescued from op shop, old varnish sanded off, stained and sealed with bee’s wax in 2006.

Looks tired and stained now (oops, looks like a coffee cup mark to me, guilty) from daily use 5 days a week: Picture it sanded back, wood painted white and recovered with that greeeeaaaattt! hessian coffee bag.

btw i could have filled the boot of the Landcruiser with goods from Reverse Garbage but restrained myself to a few dozen fabric swatches, some magazines, card and paper… yes, i have started using lots of the stuff in projects, none photographed yet tho.  I thoroughly recommend Reverse Garbage  (i went to Bris one, but have been also to Sydney when i lived there) for inspiration, they were also cheap and everything is set out like a real shop.  Let me know what treasures you find and have a glorious day, its raining here so perfect crafting weather.

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