op shop joy

Op shopping and holidays go hand in hand.  Spent a few hours on the Gold Coast today and stumbled on a mega Op shop at Molendiner (Industrial Drive i think it is).  Bought a few very interesting things i am dying to share but it’s raining and 11pm so photographs are out.  Here are a few photos from a few op shops ago i prepared earlier.  This cloche above i am in love with and have looked long and hard for one for a while, $3 bargain.

This orange glass practically glows in the sunshiny bathroom and is was one of my favourite finds ever.  I drank several glasses of water from  it every morning when i woke up.  Sadly it has come to R.I.P. during a mishap (no, not me or the kids) but i wanted to show you anyway (almost tears).

And last but not least i found not one, not two but three of these interesting folding wooden rulers from Germany, in perfect condition including their cardboard protectors, 50 cents each. Very cool.

Anyone read/speak german and can translate would be useful.

The end (for today).



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