travelogue 3: sofala

Pitched the camper near the burbling Turon River, listened to the lullaby of the Sheoaks at night and sipped a warm Milo by the fire each night, love rough camping like that. 

We dammed up the river, walked along nature’s stepping-stones, balanced along fallen logs, tried to keep our ankles away from the stinging nettles and pretended the water flowing below the logs were lava (guess who fell in most often? yes, me).

We bravely fought off the ‘Calomine army’ as we ventured north to ‘Narnia’ and swam fully clothed in the icy waters.  Love using our imagination and had a simply marvellous weekend at Sofala, NSW which is a quiet, tiny historical gold-prospecting town 30 mins from Bathurst.

Along the banks of the Turon grew wild poppies (one of my favourite flowers), such a delight to see in the wild.

We hired some gold panning gear and set off in high hopes.  Gold panning is not as easy as it looks, our middle child had had enough after 10 mins, but the rest of us got  a little addicted as specks of gold appeared in our pan (microscope needed).  Fun weekend, sore back from bending but love the great outdoors even if we didn’t get to shower for two days.

One thought on “travelogue 3: sofala

  1. Catherine says:

    It sounds like a fun weekend:) We did some gold panning when we were in Tasmania it was exciting waiting to see if we would find something, no luck but you’re right it is harder than it looks. And to answer your question about my tags, the circles are a die cut, the squares I just cut and the bauble shape is a punch from Stampin Up. Thanks for stopping by.:)


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