my creative space – gifts for men

Men are difficult to make things for in my opinion, but this year i was determined to creative a masculine gift.  So here’s what i came up with, a great gift for the book male lovers in our lives.


 A handmade bookmark that uses elastic to keep your page.


 As with all rockmelon products i am using recycled, remnant and vintage materials upcycled.  This bookmark is constructed using leather recycled from a chair i recovered, a vintage tea towel and gorgeous handmade, handfelted, felt bought locally from Byron Bay from the lovely Sandi at Into the Woods. No yucky acrylic felt for me anymore!

And then i thought: why should us girls miss out?  So i made some a bit more girly!

Other creative spaces here!  Have a fab day creating! Oh and its December one time to put up the Chrissy tree!!!!

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