jaw dropping door stoppers

last day of home school complete, first day of holidays and i spent the entire day with the kids finishing a few odd jobs for them and supervising some crafting.  We found 3 paper mache animals at Spotlight (horse, rabbit and dog).

After some minor cranial surgery,

we filled them with sand,

sealed them with Mod Podge and several layers of brown paper,

painted and varnished them up and

and voila, a jaw dropping, door stopper!

(The other two animals turned out just as spectacular but they whisked them into their room before i could snap a pic!)

as i was tidying i also found a stash of vintage match boxes,

Remember back when match boxes were wooden?

And they were made in Australia and they had ads for cigarettes on the back?

so we taped them together in sets of 6 with double sided tape,

popped in bradlets and made these handy, dandy drawers.

  As i tucked my son into bed he showed me all the treasures he had already stashed in the drawers, including a tiny vial with a speck of gold in it that we found on our recent holiday.  So cute!

One thought on “jaw dropping door stoppers

  1. Seaweedandraine says:

    Looks like you have all been having quite a bit of fun! 🙂 The drawers are fantastic – I don’t think I ever saw the Life Be in It ones when they were around (I think Mum & Dad always bought Red Heads!) – they’re cool! 🙂


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