Dubbo zoo – travelogue 3

We paid extra to feed the giraffes at Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo, it was so worth it.

They are my favourite wild animal for their sometimes graceful and sometimes comical antics and their amazing coat.  Up close their head is huge, they are unbelievably tall, taller than i imagined!  Am so going to the wilds of Africa one day on safari.

Look who enjoyed the giraffe feeding the most!   He couldn’t stop laughing!

We took our bikes and rode around the zoo both days (except hubby who has a back issue and can’t ride at present, he was our support vehicle).  The kids are certainly fitter than me, but even with very weary legs and plenty of sweat  i was determined not to take the wimps way out and throw the bike in the back of the car.  Very hot in Dubbo, wouldn’t like to do the zoo any later into Summer.

We listened to the zoo keepers talks and we all learned so much, very inspiring and educational in an easy to listen to way.  Think this trip may have inspired one or more of the kids in their career choice…

The 4 day old Meerkats pups were the kids favourite, it was their first day out of the burrow.

The zoo also has a baby Galapagos tortoise but was not on display yet, would have loved to see that.

On the way back to the Caravan Park we found this street sign that my son was only too excited to climb up and pose on!

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