my creative space – vintage cushions

after 3 weeks holiday i couldn’t wait to hit my sewing machine.  I hadn’t missed it but when i got home i had very itchy fingers and a head 3 weeks full of ideas.  So i sewed up this cushion for rockmelon recycled’s next markets /etsy shop out of a vintage pillowcase that i paid too much fo,r but it was one of those to-die-for moments. 

The letters are recycled fabric from a dress i bought for $1 at a markets and when i got home i found it was stained.  So into the material stash it went!  Perfect combination that lime and pink me thinks.


Pillow two used to be a vintage doona cover (someone sewed two sheets together and i bought it from the oppy) and the letters are cut from one of those  fabrics that has been in your stash so long you simply can’t remember buying, being gifted it, or stealing it. 


As well as increasing my vintage cushion collection for rockmelon i have started a new gift line for men (Christmas is coming, like it or not).  Looking forward to revealing it when i have sewn a few more and hearing feedback.  Have a happy, blissful day!


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6 thoughts on “my creative space – vintage cushions

  1. Seaweedandraine says:

    I’m loving that green – I can totally understand why you had to have it. I have little piece of vintage green fabric that I bought at an oppy (it was attached to 2 woven placemats that I couldn’t have cared less about!), and I am waiting for the perfect moment to use it. 🙂


  2. Michelle says:

    I adore your pillows, i also have things like that in my stash that get “found again” when usually cleaning.
    I cant wait to see what you do for men for Christmas..i am at a loss!!


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