narromine nsw – travelogue 2

For many years i’ve had a hankering to visit Narromine, a tiny country town in NSW, the place i was born.  We drove  down the main street and although i told my memory to stretch itself and remember, i simply don’t remember much, it’s fuzzy.  I was about 6 when our family left Narromine for sunny QLD. 

 I went into the hospital reception and made sure there is only one hospital in Narromine before posing for some pics!


 This place is where i took my first breath, started my destiny, had my first cuddles and had my first Christmas. The hospital used to be a tiny, pink, fibro building, i saw lots of old pics inside the hospital. There are lots of memories i do have of Narromine, mostly the two homes i lived in, but they are both on private property many kms off the road so i will probably never see them as an adult.  Another  thing i do remember is 142.

Not a magic number but the number on the little church i learned about Jesus in.  Maybe i swung on these church banisters, sat on these steps dressed in my best dress and shiny shoes, made daisy chains and enjoyed the shade of these trees at this little church.

i am sure the oldies pinched my cheeks here and i would’ve learned the little song ‘Jesus Loves me.’  i have fond memories of afternoon programs with lots of singing and picnics after church… a spiritual legacy is something we are intentionally leaving  our children and i thank my parents for showing me Jesus and leading the way. 

It was a brief trip down memory lane and i bought a new tea towel saying Narromine to make into a cushion to remember.

last pics for my brother.

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