travelogue 1

Toowoomba brought deep friendship and a chance to start the reorientation of our minds and bodies into holiday mode.  Time to go slow.  We switched one mobile off completely and changed the other one to 100% voicemail with a message to leave a message if its urgent, we’re on holiday, YAY!  No email checking starts now, and we put an auto response on the work email, and paused my etsy shop.  Kids started to unwind by riding their bikes, trying to fly the kite with Brad (not windy enough) and chicken taming our friends teenage chickens.  Us women talked and caught up, and cooked elbow to elbow, something we have done often over the years.  Everytime without fail, she says ‘its so much better to cook with some one’ and i agree whole heartedly.  Taking Sabbath (a Biblical day of rest) esp with friends is a wonderful way to start a holiday.

Monday found us picking full heads of wheat from the side of the road (not from someone’s tawny fields).  My memeory of wheat picking drifts back to the years i spent living on a farm up until i was 6.  I remember wandering the fields within eye shot of our little farmhouse and picking stalks.  i would rub the wheat until  the grains separated  and i delighted in chewing a mouthful down to the gluten like i had a mouthful of gum.  I remember the harvester too mid the fields and my dad working late to get the farm chores done.  Snatches of memories that make me smile.  Couldn’t believe hubby volunteered to pull the car over on the side of the road so we could all pick a wheat bouquet.  Love the little things.

We also pulled over later to photograph and sample the cactuses that were in flower/fruiting.

Sam and i carefully picked a ripe fruit with his pocket knife and Brad just grabbed it with his bare hands and got the tiny blond spines all in his fingers.  He thought they might just brush out, but no, pulled out one by one with tweezers later on that afternoon.  Brad carefully peeled it and we all ate a tiny piece, spitting out the vast number of seeds we encountered.  It was not unpleasant, reminded me a little of Dragon Fruit.  Good to know that if we broke down in that area AND our two mobiles stopped working AND no cars came by the busy Highway AND we’d eaten the 5 plus days worth of food we have in the car/camper AND we were desperate, we can eat cactus fruit.  Bear Grylls we are not!  Just adding another giggle memory to our holiday file.

Moree brought a 40 minute relaxing soak in the thermal spa, the Rocket Park (great recommendation Cayliss & Esther, thanks) while i bought fresh bread.  The trick with the slide is to scrunch up, elbows in and head down or you take skin off!

Back in the car where i attempted to make sandwiches on my knees without plates or a chopping board. We managed cheese, mayo, cucumber and tomato with slabs of fresh bread, eaten on laps.  All crumbs dropped in the car will remain there til we return home.

Coonabarabran for the night and we were all just glad to debark.  We have certainly lost our travel stamina compared to the 10 months travel we did a few years ago when everything was down to a fine art. Spend an hour rugged up after sunset at the Warrumbungle Observatory at a night sky talk and looked through his many telescopes.  Jupiter and it’s moons looked amazing, not to mention our moon (tho it was only a sliver), Alpha Centarui, Saturn, new stars… what a grand, infinite universe we live in.  Hello up there God! Thanks for making amazing things!

3 thoughts on “travelogue 1

  1. Seaweedandraine says:

    Great memory moments! 🙂 Thanks for taking us on holidays with you all. Trying to imagine what the fruit tastes like… it’s been too long since I have had any to remember! Mmmm soaking in the thermal pools is WONDERFUL. I’ve not done it since my brother left Moree. Enjoy your trip – hope your travel stamina picks up – and I look forward to more installments of your holiday! 🙂
    S xox


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