lists make me happy, lists make me organized, lists make sure i pack everything, lists keep the house sitter informed, lists help my kids do chores and pack… i love lists.

Now we’re on the road, heading away for holidays, glorious holiday’s. 

So wonderful to have no work , to turn off the phone and not respond to emails.

We ate camenbert and crackers as we travelled.

Pink Porcupine fish had the best view the entire trip.

Chips and red fizzy drink for lunch (does that have the same effect as red cordial?) and yes that is a chip in his drink.

Adventure is worth it just  for adventures sake.


Blogging will be spasmodic, no apologies for that, great to get back to basics and get away.

3 thoughts on “lists

  1. Seaweedandraine says:

    Yay for lists! Nothing would get done around here without a few of them. Happy Holidaying!!! 🙂 Enjoy your unplugged time with the fam. I look forward to seeing more holdiay pics when you plug in again. (And those chips!!! You’re making me hungry girl! lol)
    Oh, and someone spesh sent me a gorgeous little pressie … got it today. Mwah! Thanks R! You are so neat!!! 🙂

    Have fun! 🙂 xox


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