before & after

gardening is mostly hubby’s hobby i just harvest and cook from it.  We have had a few storms lately (read: enough rain and hail to overfill the gutters and water pouring not trickling in through en suite light fittings, glad we are renting).  This is what the garden looked like before the storms: luscious red silver beet ready to harvest.

and luscious, organic, bright pink silver beet.

 I’d harvested 3/4 of these gastronomical delights the day i took these photos.  The very next day the first storm struck, leaving me this:

Hardly enough for a bouquet is it?  We still ate the sad remnants in a spinach, pumpkin and feta tart which was amazing, even if i do say so myself.

Lost all these seedling too, so meticulously potted and cared for.

The tomatoes survived somehow.

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