just the two of us

Juggling individualized attention between three kids can be tricky, hubby and i really try to spend one on one time with each child every week.  Sometimes its taking one child with us when we walk around the block for exercise, sometimes its taking just one with us when we run errands or shop and splitting a milkshake.  It’s not always a big deal but it is a special time we all treasure.  In fact when one of our tribe is getting  a little bratty often the first thing we do is spend one on one time with them, it really seems to help ground and connect them back into the family and if anything is on their mind, we get to talk it out.

So youngest daughter and i held a picnic  tonight on our verandah, just the two of us while the others were away. We made soy candles for about 45 mins, cooked together for about an hour then ate our meal on cushions by our new handmade soy candles.

Bliss!  We drank mango, banana and strawberry juice from long-stemmed glasses then ate chocolate (as per our Friday night  family tradition) then retired to the bedroom where  i read stories aloud til she was sleepy.

Just the two of us together is precious! Good night little one.

One thought on “just the two of us

  1. Sara says:

    Alright, so I usually just read this, enjoying hearing a bit of your adventure, hearing how you ‘do’ life in such a committed way, along with a little bit of wondering how to make stuff, but this time, my curiousity has got the better of me. How DO you make soy candles?


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