mug cake

We tried this amazing 5 minute ‘Chocolate Mud Cake in a Mug’ i found on Twine & Teacups blog.  Basically it’s an individual cake you bake in a mug in the microwave, great idea i thought.  Recipe is here.  So we measured and mixed and microwaved, the 5 of us, bumping elbows.

Verdict: 3 liked it and 2 not fussed.

Tips: 1) Ours turned out more like a pudding than a cake, so we ate it in the mug with custard, delicious!

2) Cook them one at a time, don’t try and microwave all 5 mugs at once, takes forever and doesn’t cook it well.

3) i left out some of the sugar because it sounded like soooo much, but a taste test revealed the full amount is needed. Suggest following the recipe to a tee.

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