to market, to market

as we home school (read: we sleep in whenever we want) and hubby works from home it is a rare day we set  the alarm.  Market morning i set the alarm and i staggered bleary eyed out the door.  I always wear a hat to the markets because i leave home still asleep and hair mostly unbrushed…

i always pack something crafty to do… still working on my second sock and some handsewing.

Vintage bunting in my gazebo with my vintage curtaining.

One of my heart pin cushions.

Enviro Funky Sleepy Teds with nice rice not nasty plastic filling.

Some rockmelon cushions made from vintage sheets: LOVE & JOY in awesome purple vintage florals. Sold my retro red one: LOVE.  Ever feel a little sad to see your wares go?  It was a favourite of mine.

These are 3D hearts that fold out, this one is from my Alice range,

above is one is from my Passion range

and this is my Paris card.

Fabulous weather, friendly neighbours who took money for me when i was on toilet break and lots of peeps to exchange chat with.  Great day.

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