thoughtful son

The last few weeks have been challenging  with 4 out 5 of us sick in some way or the other, thankfully not all at once.

I am thankful that i have  a thoughtful son who picked these from our garden for me, to bring me cheer when i wasn’t well. I am thankful that i have a young man who is extravagant with displays of love and affection.

i am also thankful that God is endlessly creative in his designs and colouring of flowers.  I’m so glad that not every flower is the same shape and colour, i love their diversity. I have so many flowers in bloom at the moment but these simple daisies are simply my favourite ones.

I am grateful for natures complexity, makes me more and more convinced that our world and all it contains is no accident; that makes me created for a reason, and makes me know that i have a higher purpose.

Happy, happy, joy, joy from my garden this week.

One thought on “thoughtful son

  1. Sam says:

    Lovely post, I jumped over from ourcreativespaces, and decided to comment on this post instead (although I do like your cushions). Those daisy pics are gorgeous. We have just been through a stint of vomiting here too, my kids gave me lots of cuddles and attention, checking on me to make sure I was alright, it was really touching.:)Sam


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