Ah Paris

A friend gave me this book, just slipped it into a bag and gave it to hubby for me.

Perfect gift! Started pouring over it already, put in a few book marks, planning, dreaming…

I love it when people inscribe a personal message in a book they give me, makes it really special.  It’s not a scribble, it’s a message to my heart! It makes me smile and remember you and the us times.  It encourages, inspires and makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Been making Paris cards this evening but can’t take pics at night, so will share them tomorrow. Tired tonight i’m the only one left awake, love the quiet hors of the night.  One daughter of ours up vomiting early this morning, so got to see the sun rise.  So grateful to my darling hubby who took a shift and let me sleep in.  Love tag team parenting.

One thought on “Ah Paris

  1. Seaweedandraine says:

    I cannot WAIT to see your cards!!! I love French inspired things. My goodness. Did you use pages from the book? Or is it just for drooling over?
    Hope the chuck stops VERY soon and she is feeling all better. It’s hard on everyone when you have a sick child – even with a wonderful hubby to tag team with! 😀 (Go B1 – you’re an awesome Daddy!)


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