sunshine in the snail mail swap

i participated in my first swap last month, it was Sunshine in the Snail Mail by the fabulous and talented Seaweedandraine. Isn’t it funny who you bump into while blogging?  Miss Seaweed is a friend from Sydneyish and we hadn’t kept in touch til we bumped into each other in blogland… anyway back to the swap.

I received these delightful goodies from my lovely partner, she

 is a mind reader, i love, love, love the cards, notepaper and handmade envelopes (especially the envelope of North New Zealand as i have lived there and my dad is a kiwi)

i love my bright yellow material, i’ve added it to my fabric stash and it’s awaiting a special project;

AND i adore, adore, adore the crocheted daisies.Fabulous! Thanks much, will definitely get involved in other swaps.

Check out what lovelies others received in the swap here!

2 thoughts on “sunshine in the snail mail swap

  1. Seaweed & Raine says:

    Oh Miss Roc, I LOVE those envelopes (I have thing for maps right now) You got an amazing parcel of sunshine. 🙂 Glad that I could help facilitate blessing your mailbox with a little sunshine. 🙂


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