thanks Sammy’s Secret for the crocheted daisy, to hold it in my hand is a newly reignited decision to learn the art of the crochet hook.  i met Sammy’s Secret at the Upper Markets months ago when i was a mystery shopper checking out if it was a markets i wanted to be a stall holder in.  I had stopped to admire her lovely work and we’d chatted, she probably doesn’t even remember.  Then i was her neighbouring stall holder yesterday and chat the day away we did.

Out of the blue Sammy’s Secret offers me this divine daisy she had crocheted while sitting at her stall and i squealed with delight (inwardly anyway).  Absolutely and thanks.  Markets should be friendly rather than competitive i say, we are all there fro the same reason but its not a sprint race. If your stuff  and service is good it’ll sell no matter what.

What might happen if we had facebook mentality at the markets of recommending/thanking and encouraging others in person?

What might happen if we didn’t copy designs/ideas and use them as our own?

What might happen if we thanked the market organizers instead of just sharing the whinges?

What might happen if we bought a coffee for our neighbouring stall holder and didn’t ask for payment?

Hmm me thinks i have a few things to work on, but it starts with me.

And when is the crochet happening?  When i finish my socks.   1 1/2 done…


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