butterfly wings

Blogtoberfest: never heard of it until yesterday when i joined.  What is it?  a festival of bloggers who blog every day for the month of October and i’m up for it!  Starting today, join me, go here!

Tinniegirl Blogtoberfest 2011

rockmelon to the Upper Markets today as a stall holder and loved it.  The markets have a great feel and i met and chatted with so many stall holders.  Can’t show you the couple of goodies i purchased as one of my daughters reads my blog sometimes, but let’s just say i have started Christmas shopping keeping my handmade promise. (Nat yours is blue hee hee!)

Here is one of the new range of rockmelon cards which made their maiden voyage at the markets.  Simple & elegant, left blank for your handwritten, heart-felt  message.  Hopefully i will get these cards listed on etsy this week (single cards, packs of 3 and 5).

rockmelon cares for the environment by ensuring her cards are made from 100% recycled cardstock or printer off cuts which were destined for the recycled bin.  (pop into your local printers they are happy to help).  All cards come with  a handmade envelope.

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