there’s a bear in there

Sewing up Enviro Teddy Bears is a delight, all remnant, recycled and vintage fabrics are used.  They are partially stuffed with nice rice instead of unfriendly plastic (all seams are double sewn and the fabric can be wiped clean).

Watching each of them come to life is very rewarding in many ways.

My kids started naming them.

I wanted to name this one Daisy but my eldest daughter thinks she looks like a Sunshine.  She  is made using fabric from a vintage sheet.

This is my favourite Sleepy Ted, blue roses on white, a delightful vintage pillow case never looked so good.

Unanimously this is my girls favourite, made from remnant fabric from my sister, thanks for that.

This material you may recognise from my Owl giveaway a while back, hope you are enjoying him Rochelle.  How bizarre, the swap was won by someone with the same name as mine! It used to be a pillow case.

And this is my sons favourite Teddy Bear, probably because he has an Owl made from the same material (it used to be a set of napkins). There are a few more Bears and they all will all be attending the Upper Markets (at Reserve Road at Upper Coomera this Sunday from 9am) along with my Owls, hair accessories, papercrafting things and some decoupaged candle holders.  Great markets nearly all undercover, tonnes of delicious food, unique handmade stalls, lots of stuff for kids too… Come grab some great gifts, start stashing for Christmas early!

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