10 days

Ten days away from the internet, Facebook and blogging… and i really didn’t miss it a bit, guess that’s a good sign as sometimes it feels very addictive.  I did miss my sewing machine though (settled for a fix of card making, will post about that tomorrow).

 i op shopped for some new spring clothes (spring i love you!) and shoes for my kids.  This is what i have in my bag to help me with their sizes.

As a lot of op shopped shoes don’t have the sizes on them, it really helps.  I slide it into a pair of shoes and it gives me a good idea whether it will fit.  It;s all in keeping with the handmade pledge which i am strictly maintaining for myself.  Finding mens and kids clothes is harder but we are there 80% of the time.  My eldest now fits a ladies size 6 in clothes now so it has made it incredibly easy to buy for her.

They traced them out, cut them and labelled them for me.  So cute!  Thanks my 3 for not asking for new and for taking the challenge of recycling/upcycling clothes.  Bought a few clothing patterns @ 50c each so hope to sew more clothes for the kids too.

2 thoughts on “10 days

  1. Seaweed & Raine says:

    Hey Rockmelon! 🙂
    Nice to hear from you again. Love your shoe shopping style! 😉 I think some of my summer wardrobe this year will be made from thrifted fabric – makes you feel like you are doing a little something eco friendly. 🙂
    You should show us some of your thrifted wardrobe!!! I’d love to see how you put it all together.


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