finding the Friday joy

Kids have been crazy all week, think they have the scent of holidays in their nostrils  and are at full throttle to get there (but i guess that’s better than being naughty all week). Busy doesn’t quiet explain it, we’ve been getting the last of my eldest’s homeschool work done to be handed into her Distance Ed teacher… I’m tired of marking, sick of calculating percentages and fed up with testing spelling words.  When it all seems a bit heavy i like to stop and look for the joy.  The simple things.  The blessings…

Today i was blessed with the best park in the whole shopping centre, not once but twice, also at the bank!  Pure joy!

This afternoon after a shower of rain, i got to see droplets of water nestling into a flower petal and it looked amazing.  I am reminded that i am not an accident but there is a Creator.  Thanks God for flowers, the Iris in my garden is amazing. (btw not my photo)

When i got back from shopping my kids all raced downstairs, greeted me with happy smiles and unloaded all the groceries for me and lugged them upstairs!  Then i noticed that not only had they tidied the house, they’d vacuumed it too!  (Ok so Dad bribed them with chocolate but a job done is a job that i don’t have to do, thanks B!) My family is a blessing, i love you all!

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