my creative space – spring cards

Sassy Owls peering out from behind spring blossoms… sweet!

3 Daisies blooming on long stems as they sway in the spring breeze… simple yet elegant.

A little bird flitting toward home…

 i love receiving snail mail and am looking forward to my Sunshine in the Mail Swap which should be arriving any day now! I try and post snail mail every single week. i figure what brings me joy, brings joy to others too!

These cards are made from 100% recycled cardstock, vintage dictionary, vintage buttons (whenever possible), bits from vintage children’s books, all  handstamped images  in a handmade envelope.  I haven’t made cards in ages so went crazy and made a stack (my stash was pretty low).

Love them?  Find them on my etsy shop! 

Yay, it’s Thursday! Woo hoo – More Creative Spaces here!

5 thoughts on “my creative space – spring cards

  1. Felicity says:

    They’re terrific, the little owls in particular take my fancy.
    I’m sure your friends and family love receiving notes from you and they are displayed and treasured for a long time after the initial reading.

    Happy day Lovely,
    xx Felicity


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