eleven things – check up

I wrote out eleven things i want to do this year on March 22 this year.  So, it’s check up time, how am i going on my eleven things for 2011?

  1. learn to touch type!  I know how can any female under 40 get through school and Uni and have never learned to touch type?  The short answer is doing other subjects much more interesting such as Woodwork and Tech Drawing.  Oh, and i can type pretty fast with 3  fingers but considering number 2 on this list must get faster and more accurate! Zip, zero, zilch done, better get going on this one!
  2. send my manuscripts off to an editor or publisher (in fact anyone who will read them).  I have 2 children’s books written, a book of church dramas and a couple of books in progress (spiritual) just sitting around… Oops, nothing happening here, but i did get 2 articles published and another is accepted and will be published later this year.
  3. open an etsy store.  Tick! Very happy with how my shop is looking, even begun to sell stuff, bonus point! Visit my shop here! 
  4. join Bris-Style. Would like to get out of my craft closet and meet like-minded crafters. Um, the application will get filled out next month.
  5. exercise 3 times a week went amazing until winter chilled me to the core (as i walk in the mornings) so i stopped completely.  i have started again now that warmer weather careens around the corner.
  6. have a coffee-ish drink with hubby 4 times a week.  Time to chat and catch up is marriage glue. Tick! Even when i am half way through a sewing project when hubby puts the kettle on i pry myself away.  Love our cuppa time.
  7. make my own bread.  Tick, been doing this diligently until the wheat free thing this week.
  8. be frugal.  Motivation is to build up enough money for a house / land deposit.  So over renting. Tick, keeping on saving, started house hunting made a few offers even…
  9. blog 3 times a week.  Better than therapy, cheaper too. Tick for most weeks!
  10. get our wedding photos into a wedding album!  15 years of bliss and we still have our photos in a dodgy album from the photographer and nothing enlarged and up on walls, shame on me. Doing this before Christmas after school finishes for the year.
  11. try a new recipe every fortnight!  This one will probably be the most difficult as i am very happy in my cooking rut.  Groan! The kids and i made these Melting Moments last week, simply divine! I’ve done about one every month, need to turn this one up to achievement level. But we did do Naan Bread on the BBQ (above), was amazing!

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