double whammy

Some years the-one-i-love-with-all-my-heart has a birthday that falls on Father’s Day and we get a double whammy.

The kids did an amazing breakfast in bed first up starting with coffee and homemade cards from us all.

then came orange juice, fresh fruit salad, croissants and jam, then french toast.

After Brekkie we packed things for a day out at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, especially to try out the Green High Ropes Course. You wear these trendy overalls, they show you a safety video then they set you free to put your carabiners and pulley on the wires by yourself and dangle from wires high in the trees.

It’s pretty high and a little taxing physically on the body (i had really sore muscles for a 3 whole days last time) but FUN, FUN, FUN!

The flying foxes were probably the high lights, they were so fun.

This shot shows how high up some of the activities are!

This was a suspended tunnel you climb/pull yourself through.

Oh and there are animals there too!

Great day ending in lots of birthday cake!

Happy birthday and Fathers Day to the one that makes our family so much fun to be in.  You are loved!

3 thoughts on “double whammy

  1. Seaweedandraine says:

    Happy Belated Birthday B1!!! 🙂
    Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary looks like so much fun. Perhaps I’d better work out some while the kids are still too small to do the ropes stuff (although J does have a kiddy harness already) so they won’t show me up too much! 😉
    Looks like you all had a fab time. Seeing photos makes me miss you all.
    S xo


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