stir crazy

first it’s the week of rain (and the kids having to be inside) that has me feeling a little stir crazy,

 then it’s the decision to go wheat free for at least a week at all 5 of the family have a little excema which is driving us crazy and i suspect wheat is exacerbating it.  The other thing driving me crazy is the fact that wheat is in everything i see.  Even the soy sauce labelled gluten free has wheat in the ingredients- what’s with that?

I’ve had to resort to eating crystalline ginger that is laying about in the back corners of the cupboard, neglected, forgotten, overlooked in favour of nicer, sweeter things… but it really isn’t my favourite, i only buy it because it stops me eating other sweet things worse for my figure and its all the wheat free snack on hand.  It’s day two and i love the wheat free bread and the pasta and the fridge is full of fruit and veges so i’ll be a week of carb loading, comfort foods while the rain buckets down…

But i did have my first visit to Max Brenners with a dear friend last week and everytime i get a craving i’ll just remember the divine hot chocolate from there and my heart will feel warm again…

The dark hot chocolate is divine but i don’t think much of the mug, first impressions is that it looks like something suspicious out of a hospital. Funny to hold and strange to drink out of, but bliss to the tastebuds.

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