my creative space & 100th post

some papercraft has graced my space of late: gift tags for when you don’t want to write out  a card

and new handmade envelopes perfect when you have made a special card or written a note that deserves an envelope that is not boring.  Find more of my handmade envelopes at rockmelon recycled on etsy.

100 posts today (taken me 15 months to get here), some posts made me giggle,  some made me sad.  I’ve felt vulnerable, elated and just plain old me as i’ve blogged and journeyed with you.  i’ve read every comment and been to all your blogs, if you’ve been following my blog and subscribed or ever left a comment, chances are i’m following your blog too, that’s what friends do.  So, thanks for the countless cups of coffee and Lindt as i’ve visited your blog, usually late into the night.  To celebrate this momentous occasion rockmelon recycled is doing a give away, YAY! Free handmade stuff!

The blue brooch is a little bit shabby and ‘i sew’ pincushion is handmade from remnant fabrics with a vintage button and tiny doily centre, it will look stunning on a jacket or hat.

Or maybe the pink ‘simplicity’ pincushion with tiny pink rose design fabric catches your eye… The pink brooch is made from recycled fabrics:  this brooch used to be a dress and a skirt, i love upcycling and of course the button is vintage loveliness

Leave a comment here to enter and let me know if it’s pink or blue for you!  Blog about my giveaway and leave me a note to receive another entry.  Give away closes next Thursday at 10pm Australian time.

Catch my handmade brooches and owls and drool over all the handmadies stuff at Handmade Heaven.  You can also buy my hearts and owls at Belle Bazaar Boutique the loveliest, loveliest little boutique.

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8 thoughts on “my creative space & 100th post

  1. Vicky says:

    Hopped over from Our Creative Spaces and congrats on your 100th post. I read your About Me page and it’s very inspiring. Lovely handmade goodies you’ve got there.


  2. Seaweedandraine says:

    Congratulations on your 100th post! 🙂 It’s been fun journeying with you. I think I am more of a pink girl than a blue girl… (now if it were orange, yellow or green – then I would be TOTALLY sure! lol)
    The little pink owl in the middle of the photo and her little aqua friend are very cute! 🙂


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