blog bingles

So the laptop crashed and went to the computer doc.  Trouble is, now it has amnesia and i have lost all my rss feeds!!!! Tragedy it is and i desperately want to reconnect with you all.  If you follow my blog it is highly  likely i follow yours, so please, please leave a comment so i can find your blog again! I miss you all so much, we’ve had the two busiest weeks of my life…

‘Work hard, play hard’ is one of our family mottos so to the beach it was.

Fish & chips, kite flying,

 a swim, playing in the park,

frisbee throwing and 3 on a swing.

 I love family time.

Got our room back today too.  Had special guests for 2 weeks and gave them out room and en suite, so good to reunited with our bed again. Yes, that really is the wall paper in our bedroom!

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