my creative space – goodie bags

A heart handcut out of a vintage dictionary and hand stamped with with sassy owl and pasted on purple… simply irresistible!

 As part of a week long youth spiritual program at our church called IGNITE! we hosted a Girls Night Out.  i booked a spot in a local coffee shop and organized a panel discussion with 4 wonderful Christian women to take questions and sit and share their life experiences girl to girl. We talked about beauty and being single, dating and tips on spending time with God even when life is busy.  Great night tho the venue was way too noisy, sorry ladies.  I love hearing others stories and experiences, they inspire and encourage me.

These goodies bags are what a friend and i put together as a take home gift for the girls.  They contained:

 These adorable erasers to remind us that everyone makes mistakes sometimes & that’s OK, be ready to forgive just as God has forgiven us.

a handmade arty glass pebble to remind that we are valuable because God made us in His image and He loves everything about us! (find more pebbles in my etsy shop)

lifesavers to remind that God wants to be our lifesaver.

A toothpick to help us pick out the best qualities of others & yourself.  Remember: God is not done iwth anyone yet.

 Playdough to remind us to have fun.  Jesus came  to give us abundant life, so let us live it magnificently.

The bandaids are for healing the hurts of others… & our own. Remember that God weeps along with us.

And… chocolate because God knows we love chocolate & God loves seeing us smile!

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5 thoughts on “my creative space – goodie bags

  1. Jana says:

    What a great idea! I love the idea of mentoring the next generation. We have a bible study at church (Saddleback Church-Rick Warren-purpose driven life) where we have table of women with one leader and one mentor mom at each table. I love participating in this study.


  2. Marine says:

    Your blog is so inspirational! I love reading your blog.Thank you. I love the idea of the goodie bags – I might make something similar for the ladies in my lifegroup to bless them.

    Blessings from a very cold and white Dunedin, New Zealand


  3. marie-nicole says:

    Thanks for your query on my drawer lining tutorial. As I could not reply to your comment through blogger I thought I’d post my response here.

    I am not opposed to other products or even other methods being used.

    The magazine I am writing the ‘DIY Design’ section for is a regional magazine and I am writing from the perspective that not everyone has access to all the options out there so I am trying to put together my tutorials using easily accessible products… there is usually a hardware store nearby.


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