Sometimes we need to speak.  Sometimes there is something on our heart that needs to be shared.  Sometimes sharing ones experiences aloud helps or inspires others.  two weeks ago i got to speak from my heart and share some of my spiritual journey at my church.

I shared my life in four seasons:

how i get through the dark winters of the soul

and springtime when we move toward new beginnings and realign with our life purpose

and summer where life is joyful and celebratory

 and autumn where we need to  get rid of our baggage and grow and mature.

Since it is usually hubby who stands in the pulpit and preaches up a storm, i was nervous but… sometimes we just need to speak. So i did and i made lots of new friends afterwards who came up to say “i can so relate, thank you, so i got blessed too.”

Sometimes we speak to change the world; other times we speak to keep the world from changing us. – Shane Claiborne

You can listen to me here.

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