crazy cupcakes

my three kids were up baking til 9:30pm on Saturday night then they got up on Sunday morning at 6:00 to ice their cupcakes for a market stall. So proud of my little entrepreneurs, they sold all but 8 of their crazy and cool cupcakes and most of their gourmet rocky road too (soon they can afford to pay us rent!)

3 flavours: crazy, rainbow and black forest.  The rainbow ones went first and i didn’t even get a pic!

I manned a stall on behalf of my church at Springwood who held the community market day to raise money to install a kitchen in our new facilities.  Great day, lots of sun and customers to meet, by 11:00 most of the second-hand goods stalls had reduced everything to half price.

Best bargains of the day: A collector who snapped up 8 Russian limited edition plates before they were even unwrapped and placed on display ($5 each, googled them later to see them individually priced at $30 or more each), and a lady who scored a bag full of zippers to add to her sewing stash given away- free (me, yay!)

Met some wonderful handmade craft ladies:

Casey from Elegant and Sweet makes the most delightful gifts for bubs, new mums, brides to be… also nappy cakes and towels, gifts and  itty bitty bits.  Check out their too cute lolly pop face washers!  Great prices, friendly service, love handmade gifts.

Baby Bloom

i also met Omilee who takes her gorgeous original paintings, makes prints of them and puts them on cards, notepads, shirts, coasters, ipod covers…

Bouquet Tile Coaster

Green and purple bouquet is my pick! It reminds me of the Hydrangea blooms my nana would pick me from her garden when i used to visit her in my early 20’s.

Also Suzanna (whom i already know, but didn’t know she was crafty) from Bud Designs knocked me over with her bunting and canvases. When your website is up Suzanna i’ll post a link!

2 thoughts on “crazy cupcakes

  1. bebie says:

    oops… became sidetracked … cont. from “Will pop back again soon to see … more of your creativity in all areas you’ve mentioned. XX


  2. bebie says:

    Hi Rockmelon … it’s really great hearing from you and finding out you blog.
    It sounds like a wonderfully successful market day. Your kid’s patty cakes (I’m old fashioned) look absolutely wonderful as do the other things in your pics. Love all the crafty things. Will pop back again soon to see


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