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i don’t know how to shop like a normal person anymore.  I haven’t bought any clothing, shoes, furnishings, books, crockery or linen things from a real shop in over 6 months. I am taking the ethical clothing pledge seriously! And i love knowing that what i am wearing is fairtrade, recycled, all profits go to charity and i won’t be bumping into anyone else wearing them because they were on sale at Kmart.  Unique is priceless.

Here are yesterdays op shop buys: $10 for brand new black and pink Volleys and they threw in these gorgeous blue shoes (brand new) shoes for free. Two happy daughters today with warm feet.

Then there’s the socks i’m knitting, now they look less like a wooden spoon cosy and more like foot apparel.  Hope to finish them soon!  I tried it on today they felt so great!

And now a work in progress, an owl i’m working on, this one is a gift.  Have already gifted 6 this month, two to South Africa, three to sunny California and one to South New South Wales, (Rochelle, the winner of my give away!)

Here’s a blog post from ModernGirl that is sure to make you think ethically about clothing!

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5 thoughts on “my creative space – ethical shopping

  1. Ruth says:

    Araminta loves her owl.

    We’ve been sick and Araminta has been home from playgroup (due to car at mechanics) but hoping to get mine finished and in the post to you by Friday (touch wood).

    Would love to see sock pictures.

    Unfortunately the pickings here in op-shops is very slim. But we do buy our vegetables through a CSA scheme, so they are local and sustainably produced.


  2. marie-nicole says:

    It’s a great feeling isn’t it, shopping ethically that is.

    We’ve been doing as much as we to buy our food from local producers and independent businesses. It costs us more for a lot of things, but the quality is much better and we’re supporting our local businesses who give us personal and friendly service… which makes it worth every extra cent.


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