bonus bits

We have something called  ‘bonuses’ in our house.  Partly to reward my kids home school achievements at the end of the week and sometimes i just give them out for fun.  They are round circles of paper (laminated as they have been going 3 years) with bonus treats written on them such as: 10 minutes staying up time, chocolate, choice of a DVD, 10 minute massage, no jobs for the day, breakfast in bed, special time with mum or dad, $2 or the most popular, 10 minutes computer time.

Costs us virtually nothing but time and attention (though my son loves to collect those little round gold coins).

Here’s my youngest whose love language is quality time.

The other week we took a picnic rug and our pillows and snuggled up and read some chapters of a book in the local park

(Alice in Wonderland).

Just us two and the green grass, gum trees and the breeze… til it got too dark to read and we headed home for a warm milo and piece of cake.

3 thoughts on “bonus bits

  1. Shabby Vintage Junk says:

    What GORGEOUS memories you’re creating for your children….Now THIS is what parenting is all about….Years from now when they look back on their childhood there will be FOND smiles as they remember those little laminated circles….!!

    THANKS for taking a moment to stop by for a visit….I look forward to seeing you again soon….!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)


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