my creative space – 3 cups of tea

My daughters are receiving lots of comments and attention since wearing their ruffled girly hair clips, so i’ve made some more.

My sock knitting is slow but look how long it is, nearly ready for the heel soon! Woo hoo!

Three blue tea cups sit on my desk full of my pretties such as buttons.

They remind me of a book that impacted me called ‘Three Cups of Tea’.  The book describes how experienced mountaineer Greg Mortenson attempted to climb K2,  as a way of honoring the memory of his deceased sister, Christa. After more than 70 days on the mountain, Mortenson and three other climbers had their ascent interrupted by the need to complete a 75-hour life-saving rescue of a fifth climber. After getting lost during his descent, Greg became exhausted, and stumbled into Korphe, a  small isolated village. To repay the remote community for its hospitality, Mortenson promised to build a much-needed school for the village.  In dealing with the village officials and prejudices (such as their belief that girls don’t need educating) he realises the treasure in a Balti proverb: “The first time you share tea with a Balti, you are a stranger. The second time you take tea, you are an honored guest. The third time you share a cup of tea, you become family…”

Reminds me to keep seeking to connect with people because sharing life experiences, laughing  and crying together is a part of a magnificent life.  Spent the weekend with a house full of ‘family,’ went to the craft show with my bestie (and forgot to take a pic even after lugging the camera around for the day)  and brunching with ‘family’ til 2 pm in the park while 7 kids of different played amicably together.


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4 thoughts on “my creative space – 3 cups of tea

  1. debra says:

    3 cups of tea si a great read for sure. Congratulations on having 7 children in harmony. Should so be! I am a firm believer in us all coming together at all times (well most times) no segregation in my home or on outings (mostly) this is the best way to learn , and in a mature, loving and responsible, sensittive environment it is so so possible to raise happy content people……sorry did not mean to lecture you. You brought about something i am passionate about. Love your little button collection, my little people love getting my bottles of buttons down. Oh i sincerely wish someone would teach me the art of sockmaking!!! Groovy day


  2. Seaweedandraine says:

    Great post Rockmelon! I haven’t read the book – but I do recall someone sharing it with me before 🙂
    You are brave knitting a sock! I have considered it – but i’m just too chicken yet! Let me know how it goes 🙂
    Lotsa hugs.
    S&R xox


  3. Tammy says:

    I started Three Cups of Tea last year but haven’t finished it yet. My 7th grader just read the child’s edition as a part of his English class curriculum. I tried knitting a couple of times but just couldn’t get the hang of it so I stick with crochet (and still have a lot to learn). 🙂 Have a terrific Thursday. Tammy


  4. Tess says:

    I have read that book too! It is amazing. With all the violence going on in Pakistan I wonder if it has impacted any of the villages that he helped.
    Lovely blue cups too : )


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