my creative space- ruffled girly things

i’ve one tom boy who i can rarely get to wear a dress or skirt but i knew she’d wear something pretty in her hair.

I made these and snuck one each onto my girls pillows last night.  There was shrieking and jumping up and down, i guess that means they like them.  They modelled them this morning for me.

My eldest said ‘i’m going to wear mine all day.

Youngest was more concerned about having the exact right outfit to wear it with.

Oh and one for me but i made it to wear on a hat.

Think i need to position it better but you get the idea.  Who would have thought you could make a vintage pillow case. odd button and mini crocheted doily look so good!

And the knitting is starting to look like a sock, thanks for asking!

More creative spaces here!  (yes i’m a day late!)


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